Welcome to Volunteering with LCPAA

All parents and guardians with students enrolled in performing arts classes and performance groups at Lawrence Central are members of Lawrence Central Performing Arts Association (LCPAA).  We encourage all LCPAA members to become actively involved in our organization.  We assign volunteer dates for every family to volunteer at LCPAA events throughout the school year in order to raise about 33% of the LCPAA budget.  To ensure that our student’s quota fees remain low, we host a number of contests and events throughout the school year.  It is important that we have total participation from all families for our events to be financially successful. 

Volunteering Assignments

A Volunteer Assignment Form will be handed to all performing arts students during one of their performing arts class by August 23.  Returning this form signed by a parent or guardian is a required class participation assignment.  The signed form confirms your shift acceptance subject to any conflict resolution.  It is your obligation to contact the Volunteer Coordinators at lcpaavolunteers@gmail.com or call Jenn O'Neill (317-374-7463), Tracy Thatcher (317-504-1543), or Ronda Gullion (317-408-0072) should you have a conflict with the assigned date(s).  In case of illness or other unanticipated absence, please attempt to find a replacement and give notice to the Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible!

In addition to working at the above events, you may also enjoy working directly with your student’s performing group (e.g., Marching Band, Central Sound, Orchestra, etc.).  There are particular skill sets that you may have such as sewing, carpentry, welding, concession or other experience that the performing arts department would find very helpful for costuming, set construction, lighting, etc. You may also be interested in chaperoning, fundraising, hospitality, leadership, photography and videography, publicity, etc.   Whatever your talent or skill or interest, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator*, who will contact a representative from the group to contact you with further details. Volunteering with your child’s performing group is a very rewarding experience and a great way to meet the people who play a big role in your child’s high school experience.

Expectations for Volunteers

The performing arts staff tries to minimize the number of volunteers needed for an event, however they do want an adequate number of workers, so you may not be busy for your entire shift.  When you are assigned to volunteer for an event, bring a book or something else to do to occupy yourself, in case the job you are assigned has some downtime.  There are all different types of volunteer jobs: parking, concessions, room monitors, judge’s assistants, hallway traffic monitors, hospitality workers, ticket sales, ticket takers, etc.  We ask students to volunteer whenever possible, but most of the jobs are adult only jobs (due to security or safety reasons).  Adults who can volunteer are parents, grandparents, step-parents, aunts, and uncles.

We have often been asked about why non-show choir or non-marching band parents have to volunteer for certain events when they do not have a student in that particular group.  The LCPAA is funded under one budget whose proceeds are divided up to support ALL the various groups.  Our larger band and choir events serve to make money to fund the rest of our Performing Arts Programs.  It is crucial that we have them sufficiently staffed with volunteers, to make the best impression and to continue to be able to host the events that fund our Performing Arts.

Thank You!

Tremendous thanks to all volunteers: the Performing Arts department couldn’t operate at such a high level of excellence without you!  LCPAA’s success depends upon our student’s family’s commitment of time and resources.  It takes a huge amount of volunteers and a lot of money to run this program at a competitive level.  However large or small the job may be, the spirit of teamwork is important and appreciated.

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